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Business Owner, Entrepreneur & Public Speaker

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Online Course On How To Run A Small Business


Public Speaking For Schools & Young People


Service Based Business Coaching

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My Journey In Business

From a young age, I've always had an entrepreneurial drive, from buying and selling video games to setting up a car washing business. I also have always had a passion for sport, and after gaining experience working with several coaching companies and after being let go from my final employer I knew it was time for me to start up on my own.

That's when uSports came to life. In just six years, I have grown uSports into a thriving business with a turnover of over one million pounds and a team of over 100 people.

My journey has been one of constant learning and growth, and now, I want to share my experiences with people like you. I believe in empowerment through knowledge and want to help others learn, grow, and navigate their own entrepreneurial paths. Join me on this journey, and let's build success together.

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Ranked 53rd For UK SMEs

2024 Elite Business List

Business Of The Year

2023 Thames Valley Winner

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Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

2023 South East England Winner

Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

2020 Thames Valley Winner

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Creating New Opportunities

& Striving For Success

At 21 years old, I was fired from my job with no idea what my next chapter would be. I had always been passionately business minded so I seized the opportunity and decided to combine this passion with that of sports coaching and from walking out of my last workplace in November I was stood on the field by January delivering my first uSports coaching session in the primary school I had attended.


I have always been keen to ensure that uSports continues to work towards our philosophy of providing as many children as possible with a positive experience of sport and I am incredibly proud of our reputation. As well as this, I also have been keen to ensure that uSports has continued to grow as a business to provide opportunities to my team and others in the sports coaching industry.


To allow uSports to continue to grow, I introduced an opportunity new to the industry to allow others to begin their own journey in business with uSports. uSports Partners is a new and innovative opportunity taking the form of a supported alternative to franchising or setting up your own.

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